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Union Venture Limited has been working with Holst Porzellan Germany for over 15 years. Now Union Venture Limited is delighted to be the marketing arm of Holst Porzellan to market Holst porcelain (made in the Asia range) to all non-European countries. Holst Porzellan Germany is one of the best porcelain manufacturers and developers in the world.

About Holst

Holst Porzellan is a private company in the hands of Holst family. It was founded 1928 in Herrnburg and the headquarter is now in Halle/Westphalia, between Hannover and Dortmund. From its reopening in 1955 until well into the 1970s, Holst sold most of the porcelain with the stamp “Bavaria / Germany”. The change of values and generational introduced Holst Porzellan in 1998 to grown up the collection “Simply & Strong” which is mostly made for professional and sophisticated hosts of the HoReCa industry and has been distributed since 2000 limited and only under its own brand of Holst Porzellan/Germany.