Chinaware – A general term

unfortunately without concrete allocation

The English term “Chinaware” is translated as “porcelain” by most of the industry. This especially on the international markets outside Europe. This is only understandable, because there neither Marco Polo, the Porcella nor even Dr. Wilhelm Pukall had any influence on the development of porcelain. With their “Staffortshire”, the British sold the blue hunting motifs made of stoneware as porcelain as early as the end of the 1950s.

Correctly translated “Chinaware” means goods from China and does not – as we do – differentiate between raw material composition, firing temperature or different quality classes. Within the term “Chinaware”, however, there are subdivisions of “Pottery” (coarse stoneware) – “Ceramics” (ceramic = earthenware & stoneware) and “Stoneware” (stoneware). Thus “Chinaware” describes – merely – a general term for ceramic material used outside Europe.

Therefore we mention Chinaware in this category only for the sake of completeness.

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