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Edges – a technical term of the porcelain industry

The upper edge (mouth rim) of a hollow porcelain body is called a edge. Accordingly, there are shelves at

  • Cups
  • Mugs
  • Bowls & Bowls
  • Tins & Tureens

Depending on the article, price positioning and intended use, edges are produced glazed or unglazed. If edges are unglazed, they must be repolished after the shaping process. Unglazed shelves have the risk of rapid soiling and tend to lose their appearance.

Especially thin-walled bowl cups can only be fired “upside down”, i.e. with the opening facing downwards, because otherwise the handle with its weight would distort the cup into an oval during firing. This is why most manufacturers of thin-walled bowl cups – including manufacturers such as Meissen, Tirscheneuth and others – do not re-glaze the shelves. This is mostly for cost reasons.

All cups and mugs of the Holst Porzellan/Germany collection HP11 are glazed on the edge!

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