Green body

Green bodies – a stage of porcelain production

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In the porcelain and ceramics industry, a green body or green compact is an unfired, unsintered blank which is in a solid state after shaping. The green body is not created directly by the shaping process. In the production processes of casting and rolling over, the green body is only created after a drying phase and therefore explains the high number of moulds used in both production processes. In the case of shaping by isostatic pressing, conventional pressing (high-pressure casting) and the injection-compression moulding process, the green body is produced immediately after shaping and usually requires no further drying time.

A baker would call a ceramic green body a dough piece, which can also be easily processed, shaped or unfortunately also unintentionally deformed. In everyday language, terms such as “leather-hard” or “dried” are also used to describe a green body. Important for the green body stage is the fact that the body has not yet been subjected to sintering. It is not widely known that the consistency of a green body is decisive for the quality of the glaze.

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