Hotel porcelain


A commodity knowledge would be worthless if in the end the reader is just as smart as before! It should be noted that the definitions of porcelain, hard porcelain, soft porcelain, etc. offer a possible scope of interpretation, which gives shrewd or ignorant suppliers the opportunity to advertise inferior ceramics – or soft porcelain – as “porcelain”.

This is why we at Holst Porzellan define commercial porcelain for you – the users from the hotel and catering industry, canteens, communal catering, hospitals and nursing homes, refectories, party services and for all friends of sophisticated hospitality – as follows:

  • fired at a minimum of 1,320 °C
  • has a surface hardness of at least 5 Mohs,
  • scratch-resistant, corrosion-free, acid-proof, 
  • Dishwasher safe and microwaveable,
  • Handles, snouts and openings are cleanly plastered,
  • each article must be traceable according to LFGB by means of a bottom mark
  • Flat parts usually have an edge reinforcement,
  • Hollow parts are board glazed.

If in doubt, look for the pure white, unglazed areas. This is the first and best distinguishing feature between porcelain and a lower quality ceramic.

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