Tape and Go



Tape and Go is a non-adhesive self-fuse Just bond between layers under pressure

All purposes repair tape for indoor, outdoor and marine uses…… Patch all, works on all surfaces. Even it is wet, hot, cold, dirty, oily or rusty. Useful for household, car, yacht…… repair

– Ideal for all pipes & hose patch – hot or cold (hold 100PSI /7MPa pressure, temperature resistance range -40ºC to +260ºC / -50ºF to + 500ºF, UV resist)

– Sealing applications, contaminant protective wrap, anticorrosion / anti rust wrap…… (air & watertight)

– Electrical insulation tape (dielectric strength 36KV/mm)

– Instant gasket, anti-slip pad and rubberized tool handle grip….. Hundreds of usages and more

Self-fuse tape, bond between layers under tension. None adhesive, no sticky residue left.


Wholesale contact: UnionVenture@nowHere2Buy.com

Website: www.nowHere2Buy.com


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