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Relief – the embossing of porcelain and ceramic dishes

A very common type of decoration of tableware can be found – in addition to decorative porcelain – as relief tableware. The English translation “embossed” (embossed, pressed) describes the manufacturing method of this shape in a more understandable way. The visible motif on the top of the item is  embossed  into the  body of the piece during the shaping process . Relief porcelain is therefore a matter of motifs and ornaments that are embossed into the raw mass via the form of production and then covered with the glaze. The relief is part of the porcelain body.

This property gives the relief the same stability as the article itself. Fatigue, corrosion or fading are impossible with relief tableware, unlike with many on-glaze decorations. The production of the master mold for a relief item is more complex than for smooth crockery. The production molds also tire more quickly, which makes the manufacturing process of relief tableware more expensive than that of smooth items. However, whether the production costs of relief crockery are more expensive than those of decorative porcelain depends on the type of production and the edition of a piece of crockery. Decorative porcelain requires additional work steps and another firing.

Reliefgeschirr vs. Reliefdekore

Reliefs are often confused with so -called relief decorations , especially when it comes to multi-layer decorations in white. Such a relief decoration appears to the eye like that of the genuine porcelain relief. Here is the direct comparison.

ReliefporzellanRelief Kor

In contrast to the embossed relief  (picture above left), the relief decoration rises up on the body (picture above right) and, like all other decorations, is fired onto the porcelain in an additional work step. Due to the elevation on the body, relief decorations are subject to a higher wear factor, especially if they are applied in the decoration firing at temperatures below 900 °C.  

Relief forms in high-quality alumina porcelain

In the current collection (as of 6/2022) by Holst Porzellan there are two modern relief forms

Lubin seriesSerie Paris

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