White goods

White goods – a technical term of the porcelain industry

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The porcelain maker describes as white ware the finished fired body, i.e. the completely manufactured article made of porcelain without any kind of decoration or refinement.  In the German porcelain industry, the majority of white ware already has/have the manufacturer’s bottom stamp – in green or blue colour – as this was applied as an underglaze mark before glazing. Most foreign manufacturers produce the floor stamp only to order in order to maintain greater flexibility.

Traditionally, the white goods were stored in the white warehouse and waited for the decor orders that were actually entered into production on an order-by-order basis. In keeping with rhetoric, there was of course also a decor warehouse, but only the decor sheets were stored there, not the decor porcelain. It was not until the mid-1980s – with the beginning of the decline of the German porcelain industry – that the factories began to absorb the weaknesses of the trade and set up so-called warehouse decorations.

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